About Us

The Copy-Editing Consultant was founded November 23rd 2018 with the aim of offering affordable and experienced based copy-editing and proofreading services that enrich, correct, and polish your manuscript. Here at the Copy Editing Consultant we believe that copy-editing and proofreading require a meticulous attention to detail. We are here to focus our attention on your manuscript, because you deserve full-proofed work that speaks not only to you but to your audience.

Our Clients

We strive for a five-star customer satisfaction with every order. We are proud to be a part of the editing and proofreading industry, striving for high ratings in customer service and satisfaction. We work hard to achieve this status, and achieve our dream of providing a smooth customer experience.


 Here, at the Copy Editing Consultant, we offer our authors writing consultation, allowing you the chance to throw your ideas at us for free. Because discussing your work with others who understand you is an essential part of creating a manuscript that will draw your audience into your world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you reach your goals through the written word. We achieve this through:

  1. Quality: We provide quality services, improve the quality of our clients’ work, and work with high-quality editing practices.
  2. Accuracy: We pay attention to detail throughout the ordering, editing, and quality assurance processes.
  3. Consultation: We embrace consultation, ensuring your understanding of the processes that your work will go through.
  4. Technology: We embrace technology, ensuring that our operations run smoothly and allowing us to adapt quickly in an ever-changing industry.


We Are Proud To Be A Part Of Your Life Story, Helping You Fix The Mistakes In Your Story.